La Rhea V+ Grande

A unique combination of true espresso based drinks along with fresh leaf tea, milk & chocolate.

La Rhea Grande table top machine is equipped with an intuitive touch panel indicating type of drink. It offers up to 12 selections with 2 to 4 pre-selections. This coffee machine is available in brown & black. La Rhea Grande offers 2 varieties of coffee; you can add the classic bean for espresso based drinks and a mild aromatic bean for a milky coffee or a MoccaCino. Additionally it offers a smart mix of both beans to create exclusive recipes, just like a coffee shop.

Another advantage is 2 brewing  systems with 2 freshly ground beans and a mix of instant coffee and other instant products to create a classic cappuccino or creamy hot chocolate.  Two drink sizes are available, the traditional cup or a small cup or the option to create larger takeaway drinks. The dispensing dock is 14 cm high and accepts a variety of mugs, cups, glasses or paper cups. You can add a Cappucinatore with a fridge capacity of 4l to produce fresh milk drinks and there is the option to add a cup modul or change giver.

The Latest Technology Integrated With Cutting Edge Design

The La Rhea V+ Grande features a 7″ touch screen for a fun and contemporary interface, along with a large-capacity, transparent hopper for coffee beans on top.

The La Rhea V+ Grande uses hybrid technology with the Xtra canister for personalized products like fairtrade instant mixes or lactose-free powdered milk.

Quality Coffee Beverages At The Touch Of A Button

The La Rhea V+ Grande portfolio provides a complete hot beverage solution. The range of drinks includes high street favourites such as true Barista Espresso, fresh leaf tea, Cappucino , Café Latte, Americano, chocolate and Café Mocha.

Attract Attention

The La Rhea V+ Grande features a sleek and intuitive touch-screen interface, allowing easy navigation and vending of any beverage. The La Rhea V+ Grande attracts serious attention with it’s vibrant 7″ monitor.

Ready To Give It A Try?

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