Water Machines

Water. The source of life itself.

We supply companies with the latest state of the art pou ( mains fed) water coolers. Why pay and store heavy water containers, it’s 2018, not 1978! When used in conjunction with carbon block filters the water dispensed from all of the ranges completely eradicates any traces of harmful chemicals and are served at the optimal temperature to refresh and rehydrate. All machines are available in either chilled and ambient or chilled and boiling(for tea).

The last few years has also seen an exponential rise in table top boilers which are generally used for making Tea. Gone are the days of wall mounted, hard wired and piped boilers. Table top boilers offer the versatility to move the unit anywhere with the minimum of fuss and pipe work. All that’s required is a standard 3 pin power outlet and water source. Using the latest push fittings and flexible pvc pipe work installing only takes around 10 minutes. The boilers come equipped with an integral timer to facilitate “off periods” during the weekend or overnight for example.

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